Empire Glassworks "Xenomorph" Alien Handpipe

  • $83.00

"It's got a great defense mechanism... you don't dare kill it..." 

Just your friendly, neighborhood extraterrestrial endoparasitoid in sherlock pipe form. Empire Glassworks succeeded in their mission of re-creating an iconic horror sci-fi classic. Approximately 6" long, this pipe is made from black, layered borosilicate glass for strength and beauty. It also features 3 clear "marbles" along the anterior of the spine/stem, with a small opal fragment forever embedded within the clear glass. Green slyme drips from the creature's ravenous maw, and Glow in the Dark teeth really finish off the piece!


Empire Glass is forged with an unrivaled devotion to molten glass mastery. Each handmade design is a culmination of over a century of refinement. Proudly created in Placentia, California.

*Clear bowl not included. For photographic purposes only.

*All handmade items may differ in color and design, but will be in the same general style as the item in the photograph. This is simply due to them being one of a kind pieces, crafted by an American glass artist.