Why Shop Original Bud Country?

Why buy from us?

It really boils down to being very straight with anyone asking about our products, and how "curated" actually means "curated" here. You may be wondering why we don't carry certain brands or products. You know the ones- you can buy a multi intake recycler for $100 or less, and you see them in every headshop from coast to coast. Unfortunately, these are made overseas with low quality materials and/or cost cutting shortcuts (not properly annealing the borosilicate, frit not melted correctly, etc). This results in pieces that love to crack.

We actively research any potential items we are interested in selling; the company/artist that makes them, and where they are made. Many of these headshops will sell you something from Asia, with marketing that tries to fool you into thinking it is from the USA. "Designed in" is a common phrase you may notice. This means that it was designed in the USA, but most likely made in China. Or as some have found out, designed in the USA by an unaffiliated artist, then stolen and reproduced in China in a government subsidized glass factory.

Original Bud Country will never knowingly do something like this to you. You don't even have to be a customer or glass artist- just being curious about the glass and asking a question will reward you with a straight answer. No lies, no obfuscation. All of our glass art for sale is made in the USA, by American lampworkers.

Your shopping experience with us shouldn't have to be spent wondering if that super sweet looking dab rig is an imported piece of junk. If we sell it, and it's glass- USA Made all day, every day.