Liberty 503 Colored Tube Mini Pipe - Aliens - Green

  • $56.00

This beautiful 5" pipe from Liberty 503 features highly detailed, carved designs covering a lot of surface area across the entire piece. The base glass is frosted, giving the entire work a really cool, high contrast look. The price is affordable for a handmade in the USA pipe, so there's no reason not to collect 'em all! 


Planets, UFO's and bipedal, humanoid aliens. Take yourself light-years away from your home planet. We've heard Agent Mulder enjoys smoking from a Liberty 503 Aliens pipe, but we could be wrong.


American made by hardworking glass artists in Oregon.

*All handmade items may differ in color and design, but will be in the same general style as the item in the photograph. This is simply due to them being one of a kind pieces, crafted by an American glass artist.