Liberty 503 Deep Carve Hand Pipe - Mysterious Mushroom Forest

  • $264.00

This is the iconic 6" Liberty 503 Deep Carve hand pipe. The insanely intricate, sandblasted, multi layered designs are some of the most unique we've ever seen. Pure artistry is involved with everything Liberty 503 does, as is great usability. The designs help with your grip. The bowls are huge. The colors are incredible.

A multi colored, mysterious mushroom forest awaits you in this amazing deep carve hand pipe. Are they magical? Are they lucky? We invite you to find out.

American made by hardworking glass artists in Oregon.

*All handmade items may differ in color and design, but will be in the same general style as the item in the photograph. This is simply due to them being one of a kind pieces, crafted by an American glass artist.