Liberty 503 Frit Bullet - Aliens - Red

  • $36.00

Tasters, chillums, one-hitters. Call them what you will. The only thing we at The OBC know, is that these 3" Frit Bullets from Liberty 503 are some of our all time favorites. Featuring a frosted base glass, with intricately carved designs covering most of the piece. A generous bowl holds a decent amount of material for a slightly extended smoking session.


Take this Frit Bullet with you to the furthest reaches of the universe. Features UFOs and aliens battling it out in some possibly unknown galaxy. 

American made by hardworking glass artists in Oregon.

*All handmade items may differ in color and design, but will be in the same general style as the item in the photograph. This is simply due to them being one of a kind pieces, crafted by an American glass artist.